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The Brief

HowTheLightGetsIn is the world’s largest philosophy and music festival. It features thought-provoking debates, infectious music and legendary themed parties. Acts have included Arcade Fire, Scissor Sisters, British Sea Power and Donovan. The groundbreaking debates have featured world-renowned speakers such as Noam Chomsky, Stephen Pinker, Stanley Fish amongst others. Over the years we have created all of their branding, websites and merchandise, as well as filmed and edited their many events.



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Photos from the festival

The Work

We took up the development of HTLGI's entire branding campaign, as well as the design of their website, merchandising and promotional materials. We developed their brand guidelines from the ground up, which now governs their entire output.  



18 04 13 Digital ODD Website project page mockup OLR V2


The Results

The site garnered over 5 million page views and 50,000 newsletter subscribers in the last year. 2019's festival made over £2m revenue via ticket sales and was deemed by The Independent as a "truly unique offering."

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