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The Brief

The IAI is a trailblazing organisation founded in 2008 to put philosophy and critical thinking into the heart of public life. They offer a space in which philosophy, politics, and the arts can meet. They have a network of the world’s leading thinkers, Nobel Prize-winning economists and artists such as Brian Eno and Jake Chapman. They came to us with a tall order: create branding, film events, and a strong web presence worthy of their eclectic content. 

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The Work

Given the unique nature of their work, our challenge was to create a different feel for each offering for the IAI, from news to podcasts to features. With more than 4 million visitors to their sites every month, we had to get the design, development and branding just right.

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The Results

This project generated combined social media following and website sign-ups of over 500,000 as well as over 40,000 newsletter subscribers in 2018. 

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