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The Brief

IBM commissioned TVF Digital, with Ogilvy One, to showcase their AI platform, Watson, in action—using the excitement and vigour of Wimbledon. We were tasked with shooting a 360 billboard campaign, a BTS documentary and super slo-mo interactive content. Our work revealed new unexpected insights into the world of tennis that were both engaging and interactive, whilst entertaining an audience of millions of viewers globally.

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The Work

Our goal was to demonstrate that Watson could analyse huge volumes of structured and unstructured information: Does Federer have the best serve? Is Nadal best on clay? With our help, IBM applied Watson’s breakthrough insight for businesses and their decisions to the emotive and captivating Wimbledon tennis tournament. Our content generated engagement across platforms and media which heightened public support of the system, ultimately allowing IBM to launch trials of Watson.

The Results


Cannes Silver Lion for best tech campaign

Cannes Gold Lion for most innovative tech campaign

Campaign Magazine top digital innovation of 2017

Digital Marketing Awards for best digital experience and best digital campaign


The campaign generated 2,094,017 engagements in total, beating the objective of over one million engagements by 100%.


Actions included 308,561 banner clicks, 868,857 video views and 613,852 social interaction engagements.


There was also an increase of 18% in familiarity with Watson as well as significant shifts in brand perceptions: +17% of audiences considered IBM to be an innovative company while +31% considered them to be a relatable business.


Deep level engagement was achieved across articles, with page-viewing 20% higher than the benchmark at an average viewing time of 2 minutes and 20 seconds and a 54% scroll depth.

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